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Our Top 5 Helpful Hints For Learning To Dance

Are you ready to glide on to the floor for your first dance lesson? Here' s my top 5 tips on what you need to know before you start:

1) Let your teacher do the teaching. 

So often, we find ourselves listening to that little voice inside that says "you're not doing that right, you're on the wrong foot or time with the music" and quite often your teacher will see something different. Don't let self-doubt get in the way of your or your partners progress. If you've really messed up, your instructor will let you know..... but in a nice way. :)

2) It's not how many steps you know, it's how you execute them.
I have a saying, "If I wanted to see steps, I'll go look at a staircase." :) Good dancers are recognized by how they move, not by how many steps they do. Learning a lot of steps too soon can result in bad habits and frustration at not understanding how to execute them.

3) Men progress slower.
We love you, but we all know women are from Venus and men are from Mars. But this message is for both of you. Ladies, please remember that your partner has the added pressure of LEADING you through a step so be patient and not expect too much, too soon. They will thank you.

4) Keep your lessons close together.
You are learning something new and with anything new, our brains need time to process but not too long! Who remembers what they had for lunch or dinner a week ago? Not me... So the more times in the week you can visit the dance floor, the better. Utilize our daily group classes and weekly practice parties in conjunction with your private lesson to facilitate a speedy progress in your dancing.

5) Communication is key.
Talk to your instructor. I promise, we don't bite! :) Tell us what you are interested in learning and the way you like to be taught. The more we know about your dancing needs, the better we can plan your lessons and prepare your dance journey.

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